Going with the flow

Yeah I could have also gone with Flo from progressive, maybe later. Anyway I think yesterday was our best show yet. Music is very much like art, you need to have a feel for it and the music. You need to be able to make each song fit and sometimes that is hard to do. The first couple of shows it took a little bit to get up and running. I had to re-introduce myself to the mixing board. Now I have to figure out the cd players to make them do what I need them to do. These are Denon players and they are made to countdown the songs, someone had messed around with the settings so now they count up and that’s no good because you don’t know exactly when the song finishes. Granted I know most of the songs I play backwards and forwards but there are some songs I don’t. In the last half of our show, I did a John James Sykes run, he played for the following three bands – Tygers of Pan Tang, Thin Lizzy and Whitesnake. Interestingly enough those albums he played on were the biggest commercial success each band had ever known. The next run went like this – Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Chickenfoot, Joe Satriani. I messed up, it should have been David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Chickenfoot then Joe Satriani. The tie is obvious, if not, here it is. David Lee Roth was obviously the vocalist in Van Halen, Sammy Hagar was the vocalist for both Van Halen and Chickenfoot. Joe Satriani was the guitarist in Chickenfoot. If I wanted to go just one more I could have played Janes addiction afterwards, Chad Smith the connection here, etc. I will have a show where I can connect all of the bands for two hours straight!

WMFO Rock n Roll Circus (Rock) with Bruce 12/06/2014 06:00AM to 08:00AM

Stone Roses “Love Spreads”
Television “I see no evil”
XTC “Fly on the wall”
REM “Texarcana”
X “Burning house of love”
David Bowie w/Tin Machine “Betty Wrong”
Queen of the stone age “(Go With) The Flow”
Husker Du “Ice cold ice”
Faith No More “Underwater Love”
Soundgarden “Superunknown”
Turbonegro “High on the crime”
Yardbirds “For your love”
Small Faces “Tin soldier”
Rush “Fly by night”
Aerosmith “No more no more”
Tygers of Pang Tang “HellBound”
Thin Lizzy “Cold Sweat”
Whitesnake “Still of the night”
Megadeth “Back in the day”
Van Halen “So this is love”
David Lee Roth “Ladies night in Buffalo”
Chickenfoot “Sexy Little Thing”
Joe Satriani “Lights of Heaven”
Lita Ford “Kiss me deadly”