This is as smooth as it gets!

So, never realized that Wes Montgomery played guitar with his thumb as the pick. Amazing player. I’ve always loved his sound and despited the tired cliche of chord soloing, this is the real deal. His playing makes me classify this music as “NY jazz”. His music evokes scenes of a smoky jazz bar and has a metropolitan feel if that makes any sense. My first real foray into jazz was in 1986 when I bought Pat Metheny’s First Circle. The first cut from that album was Forward March. It was a multi-instrument track played on the synchlavier. I thought the song was utter trash, thinking I’ve just wasted my $7 dollars, I figured I would power my way through the rest of the album. The second track was Yolanda You Learn, which was an up tempo song and it quickly brought me back and it turned out to be one of my favorite albums to this day. This would eventually lead me to Jim Hall and ultimately to the man Wes Montgomery. I’m not sure why I never bought a lot of his stuff. I think I usually end up going to a record store (do those even exist anymore?) and usually the laundry list is long and Wes never quite makes the cut. I have access to a lot of his music so in the coming months, I will focus on his stuff. Anyway in looking for Al Di Meola live tracks, I came across this remastered video. The audio is great and I just love this format.