It’s beginning to feel a lot like Gryla!

What the hell is Gryla? Go ahead and look it up. You know for icelandic countries that put out weak hockey players, their music and women are pretty brutal!! As for the women lookup the crossfit games and check the names of the women who win it every year. Ah, I digress, I’ve been on a metal run these last couple of days and I’ve run into another band that I’ve known of for years – Vader, from Poland. I could take em or leave em. However I do like this song in particular. I’ll have to go back and listen to some of the earlier stuff again. This song is not like a lot of the others. This is a more measured effort that could be completely played on the radio. Unfortunately outside of satellite radio, it is unlikely we’ll ever hear this kind of music. Its times like this, during the dead of winter, that I wish I had my radio show back. Let’s be clear the radio show is college radio out of Tufts and it is a whopping 25 Watts, there is more energy coming from my monitor than the radio station towers. They do have a online presence but lets face it, no one wants to listen to metal on a Saturday morning. I’ve done the numbers. My most popular show was a blues show which had 24 online listeners. The metal show usually gets about 4 tops. Ah just brambling (bragging and rambling) now. Merry Christmas if you celebrate it.