Do you Sonic?

So the David Grohl will be doing a second season of Sonic Highways. The first season was very uneven but entertaining just the same. The high points? Chicago, Washington DC and Nashville. I’m not going to bother with the low points. I have a new found respect for Steve Albini after watching the Chicago episode. Steve is in music, for the music. Its amazing the sacrifice this man has made just to keep his studio up and running. Washington DC because Grohl was very much a part of the punk scene when it hit DC. Lastly, Nashville because we began to “get” the seamy side of the music industry. While most of us were already familiar with the making of the musical “sausage”, it was just a validation of what we thought all along. I am surprised that Boston was not among the cities of the first season. In fact I would have rather had them include Boston and maybe redo cities such as L.A. and New Orleans. New Orleans was clearly out of Grohl’s musical comfort zone so I give him credit for at least attempting to understand the jazz scene there, however it could have been done much better. I think in the past year, I have been over exposed by Grohl. He seems earnest in what he is doing but maybe I’m looking for someone else to pick up the musical torch and run with it. We’ll see how the second season compares to the first.


Good News!

As Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth would say! I found out that a box set of the “Decline and Fall of Western Civilization”! Its amazing, what started out as a film sponsored by religious groups to warn the youth of the “dangers” of punk music has become a huge cult classic. If you were ever interested in seeing a really young Pat Smear, this is that opportunity. You can also see D.J. Bonebreaks “bedrooom” within a closet. The movie was then followed up with Decline and Fall of Western Civilization the Metal Years. For those who saw the mini series from HBO’s Sonic Highways and were disappointed by their coverage of the Los Angeles music scene. Decline, the Metal Years, more than made up for it. The focus was on the real sleazy L.A. music scene. If you’re a fan of metal, this was must see tv. I had no idea there was a third movie to this set. I’ll have to wait to see how much this goes for when it hits the store June 30th! This is certainly a good excuse to hunt these films down either from your local library or your favorite site you watch movies from. Check it out! It will be the most fun you are legally allowed to have!

Sonic Highways LA or What Dave Grohl missed!

So, one of the reasons I really hated mTv is because they have all this great footage of music that will never see the light of day or when it does, its usually shown at an ungodly hour of the day. I could go on hating their business model but you can’t argue against business success. Anyway, one of the knocks against the tremendous series on HBO, “Sonic Highways” was that it lacked the sleaziness of the LA music scene. The short video above fills in all the gaps that Sonic missed. So, open the large screen sit back and let the show begin. Maybe later on I’ll have an 80’s metal show. As for other news, it looks like Eddie Trunk and friends will be back with another year of That Metal Show!

Sonic Highways – Seattle or We’re the kids of America!

I’m running a little behind on these posts, I’ll try and catch up in the next couple of days. No doubt about it, the last couple of episodes were a little bit of a let down. I felt that there should have been a little more relevant bands or music that was the common thread in the earlier shows like Chicago and Nashville. Not surprising, Grohl admits in a rolling stone article that he was not aware of the scene in New Orleans and it showed. The LA show was also a little bit of a let down, I am always interested in the recording studios but after Rancho de la Luna there is very little substance to this particular episode. There was a lot of promise when Joe Walsh turned up but then it faded quickly. I read an article from LA Weekly that hit the show on the head when it stated that there was no stories of the sleazy LA rock n roll scene. You can read that article here – LA WEEKLY REVIEW OF SONIC HIGHWAYS. So when the latest episode showed up featuring Seattle, this was a nice rebound from the previous two episodes. This series is at its best when Grohl has an actual connection to the city and he clearly had one here! The usual suspects were caught on film, from the still lovely Nancy Wilson to Chris Cornell to the fine folks at Sub Pop records. The recording studio featured in this episode was the Robert Lang Studios. A Seattle landmark and a truly awesome studio. It will be sad when this series ends next week with the NYC episode. I’m hoping this comes back covering some of the other fine cities not filmed, I’m not surprised that Boston was not in this. Just about every studio featured was one that Grohl had recorded in and he had no real connection to the city of Boston. Not a criticism, just a statement. Here’s hoping that this series eventually comes back with different cities. Last item of note, you get to hear Dave record the hit song, we’re the kids of america! A special kind of treat!

Sonic Highways – Austin TX


So, this morning I spent a few minutes raving about the HBO series – “Sonic Highways”. I saw the latest episode which focused on Austin Texas. There were nice segments about the TV show “Austin City Limits”, SXSW and of course no show could be complete without visiting Texas resident Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. I love the fact that one local newspaper once asked the question “Are they the worst band in the history of Rock n Roll”? Of course the answer is no because we haven’t gotten there yet, with each new release of todays pop music industry, the bar continues to set lower and lower. I digress. As mentioned if you are a true music fan and can appreciate a small historical glimpse of each town they visit, this should be mandatory viewing. It’s series like this that are painful reminders of what MTV, FUSE, VH1, etc should have done but never did.