Second verse, same as the first!

It became apparent on Friday night that my “all womens” show would not happen on Saturday. I was hoping the music I wanted to play would be in the station’s library so I could balance the 10 I had with a combination of station archives and youtube. The station apparently had less than I did. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, however I think on the next volunteer music day, I’m bringing in what I feel are essential cds the station should have. This way we can add to an already somewhat formidable library. Yesterday’s show was playing to my strength and that of course is metal. Musically the show was one of my strongest yet. While I would love to keep going this course, its not a format I want to keep doing on a regular basis. Some other ideas for future shows include a full playing of a cd from my Collectors Series that I review on the main WMFO page. Along with of course a little background on the band and if I’m lucky some recorded interviews about the making of that record. We’ll see how that plays out. Here is the song list from yesterday. Enjoy!

Slim Jim and the Mad Cows “Run to the Hills”
Iron Maiden “number of the Beast”
Motorhead “Iron fist”
Slayer “Dead Skin Mask”
Graveworm “Hateful Design”
Metal Church “Watch the Children Pray”
Arch Enemy “War Eternal”
Venom “Antechrist”
God Dethroned “Rusty Nails”
Death Angel “The Dream Calls for Blood”
Pantera “You’ve Got to Belong to It”
Lamb of God “In Your Words”
Opeth “Atonement”
Amorphis “alone”
High on Fire “Brother In the Wind”
Anthrax “Neon Knights”
Black Sabbath “Heaven and Hell”
Judas Priest “night crawler”
Enslaved “Ruun”
Behemoth “Conquer All”
Carcass “Unfit for Human Consumption”
Candlemas “Black Dwarf”


What time is it?

So it was a busy week and I never really thought what I would do for a show on Saturday morning, so I let my son, Darrell, who produces the show to pick the music. Next week I’ll be back on target. It will be an all womens show. If you happen to be one of the live listeners, you’ll notice that transmission is uneven, the station has ordered a part and will be fixing the transmitter within the next couple of weeks. Your best bet is to listen to the show online for the time being. So without further ado, here is the list from yesterday morning.

Blue Oyster Cult “Burnin for You”
Ziggy Stardust “Moonage Daydream”
Faith No More “Stripsearch”
Van Halen “unchained”
XTC “all Along the Watchtower”
Led Zeppelin “Good Times Bad Times”
Peter Frampton “(I’ll Give You) Money”
BTO “Rock n’ Roll Nights”
Billy Idol “Blue Highway”
AC/DC “Shoot to Thrill”
AC/DC “Its a Long Way to the Top”
Iron Maiden “Brave New World”
Racer X “Viking Kong”
Megadeth “In My Darkest Hour”
Megadeth “Symphony of Destruction”
Metallica “Four Horseman”
Metallica “For whom the bell tolls”
Judas Priest “Screaming for Vengance”
Black Sabbath “Neon Knights”
Ozzy Osborne “Flying High Again”
Ozzy Osbourne “Fool Like You”

Music from the Squid Pod

I thought today I would put together a play list similar to what Savior Faire usually plays on Sunday afternoon. Five songs in, I realized, this sounds nothing like his show. Ah maybe next time. I had a list of songs I was going to play but for some reason I left the list behind and grabbed the wrong pile of cds. It certainly caps off a tough week. First my card access expired so I couldn’t get in. It wouldn’t have mattered yesterday anyway because the building was shutdown due to an electrical check. However, I have to say that I am impressed with the way the station has been run. This group of kids really have the energy which is infectious. It helps inspire to do greater things at the station. I also like how they want to expand the station beyond the campus which is great. The challenge of course is bringing the community and campus together. This is certainly not a new challenge for me. I’ve worked many events over the year and its a tough nut to crack. However collaboration is the key and I think this is where we’re going with this. A lot of great ideas came out of this afternoon session. I’m stoked to be working on a few of these ideas. Much more to come this week, stay tuned. For now, here is the play list from this afternoon.

Gary Jules “Mad World”
The Smiths “How soon is now”
The Red Hot Chili Peppers “Warped”
Queens of the Stone Age “Go with the flow”
Butthole Surfers “the shame of life”
Clutch “Burning Beard”
The Stooges “TV Eye”
Jet “Cold Hard Bitch”
Sugar “What You Want It to Be”
Ramones “Rockaway Beach”
Dead Kennedys “Lets Lynch the Landlord”
The Vines “Autumn Shade”
The Damned “In Dulce Decorum”
Roxy Music “Avalon”
Roxy Music “Out of the Blue”
Rush “Losing it”
Los Lobos “Kiko and the Lavendar Moon”
The Stranglers “Skin Deep”
The Specials “Gangsters”
Garbage “Milk”
REM “Try not to breathe”
The Church “Under the Milky Way”
Tracy Bonham “The One”
Letters to Cleo “Here & Now”
X “Los Angeles”
Buzzcocks “I believe”

I certainly got the blues!

Yesterday I played the blues. Funny thing, this was our most listened to show by far. Last week when I played metal, I started with 11 online listners and before the show was finished I was down to 4. Yesterday we started with 8 and finished with 23! So apparently people like the blues. Technical glitches reared its ugly head again. We could not get the web browser up and running and apparently the mic I was using was not enabled but we didn’t catch this until I had finished my bit at the bottom of the hour. At the very minimum, we know how to solve the issue in the future. Every show gets better. Anyway, here is the list from yesterday:

Lonnie Mack “Satisfy Suzie”
Albert King “I’ll play the blues for you”
Gary Moore “As Years Go By”
Stevie Ray Vaughan “Wham”
Johnny Winter “Rock me baby”
Jimi Hendrix “Red House”
Roy Buchanan “Roy Bluz”
Robert Cray “Smoking Gun”
Buddy Guy “Keep It To Myself”
Chuck Berry “Deep Feeling”
Big Bill Broonzy “I’m Woke Up Now”
Memphis Minne “When the Levee Breaks”
Led Zeppelin “Travelling Riverside Blues”
John Hammond Jr. “Shake For Me”
Robert Johnson “Hellhound On My Trail”
Howlin’ Wolf “Killin’ Floor”
Otis Rush “reap What You Sow”
Bobby Bland “I Wouldn’t Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) (Single Stereo)”
ZZ Top “Jesus Just Left Chicago”
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble “Willie the Wimp”
Latimore “Let’s Straighten it Out”
Luther Johnson “Walkin’ The Dog”
Albert King “Crosscut Saw”
The Paul Butterfield Blues Band “Shake Your Money Maker”
Various “Albert Collins – Frosty”

Presenting – DJ, Fail!

The show musically was actually a lot of fun, but then dj-ing happened. The third cd player shit the bed and I tried a couple of times to get it to work but no go. My segues are usually my strongest suit as a dj but not today. The songs came in either too strong or too soon. My last fail of the day was the phone. Someone tried calling the station twice and each time I most likely hung up on them. I wasn’t getting anything through the head phones. We’ll have to try this again next week, so my apologies to the person trying to call. I’ll be posting a new email address later today. I went back to the late 80’s today and like I said, it was a lot of fun. I went a little heavy on Megadeth but that wasn’t too bad. Next week I will be playing electric blues, not to be confused with acoustic blues. Here is the list from this morning.

Agalloch “Not Unlike the Waves”
Metallica “Four Horsemen”
Slayer “South of Heaven”
Anthrax “I am the Law”
Megadeth “Peace Sells”
Megadeth “Darkest Hour”
Megadeth “Countdown to Extinction”
Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”
Judas Priest “Electric Eye”
Saxon “Heavy Metal Thunder”
Motorhead “Killed by Death”
Michael Schenker “Lights Out (Live Version)”
Dokken “Mr. Scary”
Yngwie J Malmsteen “I’ll See the Light Tonight”
Tony MacAlpine “Keys to the City”
RacerX “King of the Monsters”
Black Sabbath “Mob Rules”
Killswitch Engage “Holy diver”
Exodus “Brain Dead”
Gary Moore “Shapes of Things”
Testament “Greenhouse Effect”
Ozzy Osbourne “Fool Like You”
Ratt “I’m insane”
Pantera “Walk”