The Colonel and his wee beady eyes!

Vegoose Music Festival - Day One
Music lovers already know who this guy is and that of course is Buckethead. I remember when he came on to the music scene many years ago, everyone was trying to guess who this was. The KFC bucket threw a lot of people off, I myself suspected it was none other than Michael Battio… ok not at all. Others had thought it was one of my other favorite guitarist – Paul Gilbert, there were some similarities in playing style and both are blindingly fast! When the day was done, he came out of his bucket and his real name is Brian Carroll. Anyway, he has done stints with shitty guns and roses, Primus and Praxis just to name a couple of bands. Buckethead is a pretty prolific musician. While some of us where wasting away on our couch last year, he released over 30 albums!!! I’ve posted one of the 30 below. He has a running series of over 90 cds. How does he make money? VOLUME!!! Yeah back to stupid reality. I just love pure guitar playing and this is guitar playing at its finest. I implore you, if you have never heard his stuff before check it out. There is literally a ton of really good stuff put out by him. In fact I’ll throw in a live video as well.

(Full Album) Buckethead – Claymation Courtyard (Buckethead Pikes #51)

Buckethead – Hardly Strictly Bluegrass full performance 1080P/60 [1/2]


Paul “Slow hand” Gilbert!

My favorite guitarist is hands down Paul Gilbert. I’ve been an early Racer X fan, I’ve been a Mr.Big fan (first album only), and I’ve been a Paul Gilbert fan. Over the years he’s done pretty well for himself. He got his start when he submitted a demo tape to play in Ozzy Osbourne’s band after Randy Rhodes had died. Ozzy passed on him, which in the long run was probably for the best otherwise he would not have teamed up with Bruce Bouillet to create Racer X. I will be posting a lot of Gilbert’s stuff on this side. However for those who do not know who he is, the above is just a small taste of what he has done. For a block of three years, he’s put together a band of heavyweights and each year the theme would be for instance, one year it was The Who, another year, Beatles tribute, etc. I think there is a Led Zepplin one as well. Either way I’m hoping he does this again. He is just a fun guitarist to watch. Much MUCH More to come.