Amazing Journey – f-f-f-f-f-fucking amazing!

Remember everything I said in the Van Halen documentary? Well this was the opposite!

1. Up to date interviews with the members of the band? – Check
2. Footage from every era of the bands incarnation? – Check
3. Cover both the high points to the low points – Check
4. Including the deaths of both Keith Moon and John Entwistle – Check

The list can go on forever, I’ll just leave it at four. This was one of the most polished documentaries I have seen on a rock band in recent memory. The movie covered a lot of unfortunate events such as the 11 deaths in Cincinnati at one of their shows. Pete being brought up on child porn charges, only to have them dropped later. The full coverage of Keith’s downfall to John’s unexpected death. What I did not know is that Pete had dissolved the band in 1982 only to reform after John asked them to. The reason John needed the band to tour was he was in debt. After the live aid check, which each member was paid at least 2 million dollars, it was gone as soon as John got it. The Who would reform two more times to help bail out John financially. He would eventually die on the last tour in Las Vegas. Its really ashame to see the downfall of such a great band. I guess for those who have never experienced the Who, live, will get to see them one more time as they (Pete Townsend and Roger Daltrey) begin their 50th anniversary tour. For those who can’t afford the ticket, use the money to buy Who albums/cds/digital downloads, whatever. The film is a must see!