What do you do when you’re dirty?

Take Abbath! Ok, I’m not going to pretend I knew or even listened to the godfather’s of this genre – Immortal. I won’t even pretend to even like this genre, however every full moon there comes a song that I can actually listen to and Winterbane is that song. This is off of the new solo album from former frontman of Immortal, Abbath. The song is aggressive and oddly catchy. Even the acoustic interlude before Abbath brings the song home in a more normal voice makes this a “pop song”. Ok, maybe not but it’s listenable and I like it. We’re at a point now in music where a lot of the musician’s I’ve grown up with are now dying off. We’re also at the point now where a lot of the bands like this that emerged in the late 80’s/early90’s are now ‘seniors’. These folks are approaching their mid 40’s, early 50’s. Where do these musicians go from here? Do they keep going like Lemmy and die quickly? Do they take a break and then re-emerge 10 years later to do a sad reunion tour? It’s hard not to watch a video like this and smile just a little. For now, I’ll just enjoy it for what it is. A catch song that isn’t from a polished 20-nothing band.

Ah, since we’re already here, I am going to give you a link to the most ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All TIME. You’re Welcome!!!!