Filed under easy listening – Sugar (Bob Mould)

So the other day I was looking around for new stuff and rediscovered some better older stuff. I’ve been a Husker Du fan for years, however I never really got into Mould’s project Sugar. I bought their first EP – Beaster and didn’t think much of it. Then I saw a documentary on HBO and it reignighted a fire for me to check into the older stuff again. I came across Filed Under Easy Listening. I’m not sure how I missed this album but here we are. Check it out.

“Gift” — 0:00
“Company Book” — 4:16
“Your Favorite Thing” — 8:01
“What You Want It to Be” — 11:52
“Gee Angel” — 16:06
“Panama City Motel” — 20:03
“Can’t Help You Anymore” — 24:10
“Granny Cool” — 27:39
“Believe What You’re Saying” — 31:13
“Explode and Make Up” — 35:09