Fair Warning!

The only time I get to watch TV is when I am cooking dinner. I have 28 documentaries that I will be watching in the next 28 days. In that time you will see a review of them all. I watch them so you don’t have to, at least the bad ones anyway. I won’t spend too much time with the bad ones because people put a lot of effort into these films and its wrong to piss all over them if I didn’t care for them. I will only offer a reason why you would watch the film. I have no interest in arbitrary ratings. I will simply offer a reason to watch or to pass. I will be watching these via Hulu.

First up Van Halen the early years. I’m 50 years old, I grew up with Van Halen, I know their story inside and out. If you know nothing about this band, this is a good intro to the early years. This is a low budget film, meaning they could not get the really big names to appear on the film but were able to get the audio from them which is better than nothing. Included was an audio segment of Gene Simmons discussing how he came to sign the band. The film covers everything up to the album 5150. There is no mention of the turmoil surrounding the firing of David Lee Roth and no mention of bringing on Sammy Hagar. If you read guitar magazines as I have done through out my teen years into my late 20’s you are more than familiar with what went on. I was hoping that I would at least get some live early footage but no luck there. All in all, I would pass if you know about Van Halen. If you are listening to them for the first time, then yes, check it out.