Burma Shave!

I’ve been watching a lot of documentaries on HULU. I haven’t set up a paid subscription yet but at some point I might. The latest documentary I’ve been watching was “Not a photograph, The Mission of Burma Story”. When I first came to Boston in the mid 80’s, this band was already finished. However my roommate was a huge fan and turned me on to a song of theirs called Trem 2. I can’t say I was into the Boston rock scene but was certainly in the heart of it. What that means is that I was aware of a lot of local acts but didn’t really follow any of them with any real interest. I was focused more on the national acts. Its too bad because I know I missed out on a lot of local stuff but I digress. The mission of burma documentary shows the members as they are today. One even works at a local tv station here in Boston, WCVB. This film is very short, only an hour, but they got most of the important folks, from local djs, to other band members from Cheap Trick to Sonic Youth. It covers there history without over glorifying the band. Very down to earth story about their creation of their follow up album VS. It was nice seeing some of the old footage in places that are no longer around like the Rat (which was a club in the heart of Kenmore Square). For those who did not know, the film goes over why the band dissolved, not as salacious as some had hoped but simply because Roger Miller was suffering from tinnitus. Over all I enjoyed this film and I may look into VS again. The re-listening may help me gain a liking for the band. I’ll keep you posted. The film is a must see especially if you’re a fan of the Boston rock scene. Even better yet, for those interested in seeing them, they will be opening for the Foo Fighters at Fenway Park this year. Tickets went on sale this past thursday.


Oh those you tubes!

Sometimes while surfing for one band you come up with another. I was searching for the Lynch Mob’s version of tie your mother down and came across a much better, very live version of this song with Queen and the Foo Fighters. An even bigger surprise is the drummer from the Foo Fighters, Taylor Hawkins, as the vocalist for this song! Turn up your speakers LOUD for this one. A really great cover of this song! You’re welcome!