Beware of that rat bastard Ginger Baker!


Funny thing about this documentary, most movies of this genre focus on its subject to make you sympathetic to either their plight or even given a chance to explain why they are they way they are. I’ve never thought much of Baker and I think even less of him now. He’s a shitty human being who just happened to be a capable drummer in one of the biggest bands in the history of music – Cream. What’s worse, Jack Bruce apparently is not much better. How Eric Clapton survived his three years with them is truly amazing. So personal biases aside, I do like the footage from the 60s for other bands that were around. I had no idea that Graham Bond was such a mess or that he was so portly, not the image of a rock n roll frontman by any means! Some early footage of Traffic is always a treat, Steve Winwood is an immense talent. Is the movie worth watching, hesitatingly, yes. If there was ever a person who was their own worst enemy, Ginger Baker is truly that man. He treated his own family poorly, even stranded his own son after a show to find his way back home without paying him for a gig. I know why the director chose to include Ginger’s personal life. If the movie had focused entirely on Baker’s music career it would have left an incomplete picture of him as a person. If you want to watch something entertaining and informative, watch Bowie’s “Five Years”.