Sonic Highways – Austin TX


So, this morning I spent a few minutes raving about the HBO series – “Sonic Highways”. I saw the latest episode which focused on Austin Texas. There were nice segments about the TV show “Austin City Limits”, SXSW and of course no show could be complete without visiting Texas resident Gibby Haynes from the Butthole Surfers. I love the fact that one local newspaper once asked the question “Are they the worst band in the history of Rock n Roll”? Of course the answer is no because we haven’t gotten there yet, with each new release of todays pop music industry, the bar continues to set lower and lower. I digress. As mentioned if you are a true music fan and can appreciate a small historical glimpse of each town they visit, this should be mandatory viewing. It’s series like this that are painful reminders of what MTV, FUSE, VH1, etc should have done but never did.