What do you do when you’re dirty?

Take Abbath! Ok, I’m not going to pretend I knew or even listened to the godfather’s of this genre – Immortal. I won’t even pretend to even like this genre, however every full moon there comes a song that I can actually listen to and Winterbane is that song. This is off of the new solo album from former frontman of Immortal, Abbath. The song is aggressive and oddly catchy. Even the acoustic interlude before Abbath brings the song home in a more normal voice makes this a “pop song”. Ok, maybe not but it’s listenable and I like it. We’re at a point now in music where a lot of the musician’s I’ve grown up with are now dying off. We’re also at the point now where a lot of the bands like this that emerged in the late 80’s/early90’s are now ‘seniors’. These folks are approaching their mid 40’s, early 50’s. Where do these musicians go from here? Do they keep going like Lemmy and die quickly? Do they take a break and then re-emerge 10 years later to do a sad reunion tour? It’s hard not to watch a video like this and smile just a little. For now, I’ll just enjoy it for what it is. A catch song that isn’t from a polished 20-nothing band.

Ah, since we’re already here, I am going to give you a link to the most ridiculous Black Metal Pics of All TIME. You’re Welcome!!!!


I never hated Dolly Parton

I have been listening to a fair amount of country music in the last few weeks. Among some of the folks I’ve been listening to are Allison Moorer, Shelby Lynn (who are sisters by the way), Loretta Lynn, and Roseanne Cash. However one person I haven’t listen to as of yet was Dolly Parton. I’m not really sure why I never listened to her music because I know shes released some really good music. I used to work with one of the former djs from The Hillybilly at Harvard, Brian Sinclair, and he turned me on to some of her more traditional music and her bluegrass stuff is really very good. The real reason for this post is because an article in the NY Times today in which she is giving families $1000 for 6 months to the families who lost their homes in the fires of Tennessee. I’ll post a link to the article at the end. Maybe I’m just getting softer in my old age but good for her and for the folks who had someone that cared enough to put up the money. There is no reason for her to have done this, its nice to see. Whether its a PR stunt or not, I choose not to be cynical in this instance. I will start listening to her catalog this weekend and get back to you regarding my favorite albums. NYTIMES ARTICLE HERE.

No dogs body

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage)

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols (Photo by Tom Hill/WireImage)

Good god has it already been 40 years for Never Mind the Bullocks?! Hehe, where has the time gone? Apparently Malcolm McLaren’s son, Joe Corre, in honor of the 40th has burned all of the punk memorabilia he has collected over the years. Allegedly this stuff was worth almost $6 Million US. I like the initial take on this however its funny he needed to alert the media and of course his mother, Vivienne Westwood, gave a talk on a tour bus in front of this burning heap. Although as a heads up to Joe C. you can’t stop the nostalgia train. Us old folks like it too much. It had its place for me and while I listened to a lot of those bands, its tough to see a 50 year old punk (we’re looking at you Mr. Lydon!) cause the only fat man in punk was Daniel Boone from the Minutemen! The link to the story is below. After reading, call up all your friend and ask them “remember when so and so played at the Rat”? Good times!


Fist City!

As you delve deeper into music and the various genres, some constants become common and that is strong women in music. Posted above is an interview with Loretta Lynn. I have come to appreciate more traditional country music and I’ve spent the last week listening to her early stuff. Its tough to call what we hear these days as country music, I assure you it is not. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I enjoy Loretta’s music. If this is not to your taste, approach the older stuff with an open mind. There are many talented musicians who have played for her. This is a good outlet for Dan Rather who built his career in this format, most remember him from 60 minutes. The show is on cable and may not be everywhere but the channel is AXS tv. This is good if you have no background on the musicians being interviewed. There is an interview with Heart and another with Sammy Hagar. Unfortunately I know both of their stories that nothing was new to me but a newcomer to their music might find this really interesting.

There is a shortage of guitar players

…said absolutely no one! I’ve been on vacation this week and I’ve largely wasted it sleeping my days away and watching youtube. Today I decided to literally dust off the guitar and rather than continue to play the same shitty power chords over and over to the metronome, I’ve moved on. I’ve had Modern Chord Progressions by Ted Greene since the late 80s. I’ve probably worked out of it at least once a decade. After today I should be good until 2020! Well now is the time to start getting more practice in. Knowing I don’t have to learn this guitar by the end of the week, I’ll try and work 15mins a day in. Ted Greene is a master class guitar player. I have not heard much of his playing although just about any jazz guitar player worth his salt almost always brings up Ted Greene, that is how influential he is. I also have Greene’s book Chord Chemistry. The idea is to learn the chord structures and then incorporate them into your playing. What is great is his suggestion to actually listen to the chords and also use your ears, if a chord does not sound right in lower registers, move it to the correct one. I’m actually looking forward to this and we’ll see if I can stretch it out longer than a week!

Oh Henry! You’ve done it again!

Points for the two references in the title. I’ve been a fan of Henry Rollins the spoken word troll. He’s not really a troll it just sounded funny. As some folks know he has a column for the LA Weekly (like the defunct Boston Phoenix or current Dig Boston for reference). If you have never seen him live, he’s entertaining. I think some part of me has always wanted to be like Rollins in that he has done a lot more through his writing than he did through his music. I remember when he used to write articles for Spin Magazine. Unfortunately Bob Guccione’s son would sexually harrass that magazine to extinction. Too bad because Rollingstone magazine could have used the competition instead of the bloated gas bag it has become. As for Rollins, he had this bad ass tattoo on his back which was of the dark sun and it read “Search and Destroy”. Allegedly he updated the tattoo to read (Re)search and Destroy. I almost committed to getting that exact tattoo, luckily the tattoo parlor I went to was closed and I ultimately remain tattoo free to this day. Henry does his homework and he does come across as an earnest man. Which again I think is part of the appeal. There are times I would like to hear more of his music war stories, his current rants and spoken tours can be just as entertaining. Was there a point to this post? No. Not really, just giving props to a Punk Icon done good. His latest column from the LA Weekly is here – http://www.laweekly.com/music/henry-rollins-trumps-win-has-shredded-the-veil-of-civility-and-maybe-its-about-time-7593045


Who can make the sun shine?

I’ll always have a soft spot for this band. I remember talking about music and the topic of heavy metal came up and I remember saying the reason I loved this genre was because of the raw aggression this brought out and it wasn’t necessarily about the violent aspect of it either. These guys were bad ass. I wondered how it would all end for this band when they were too old to carry on. We’re still waiting. I thought the end would come after the death of Jeff Hanneman but Gary Holt (founder of the band Exodus) and long time friend of the band stepped in. They are currently working on a new album and Holt may end up contributing material for this project. Gary could breath some life into this band and maybe take it in another direction. Let’s face it, as much as I love these guys, their stuff, for better or worse is largely still the same. Gary and his band Exodus are a brutal band in their own right but the difference is their approach to music. Gary does not have a formulaic approach to his song writing. The band always seem to come up with different riffs and chord changes. With each release brings a new direction. These albums are different from the last, I think this is also the reason for their longevity. After a few recent albums with two different singers, they have brought back their original singer Steve Souza. Their latest effort is amazing, they haven’t lost their step and the album Blood In Blood Out is quite good! Circling back to the band of the moment, its Holt who is the wild card here and that is most likely what will determine how much longer this band will go on. Slayer is uncompromising and there is no haziness to this bands approach to music. It is powerful, relentless and quite simply aggression unrestrained!