All the gold!

Ok, this is my new Orange 35RT – I researched this amp and all the amps in this class for over three weeks. Needless to say I fell asleep at the computer every night.

As you can see this is straight forward. Clean and Dirty with 3 band eq. Nothing fancy just straight up basic amp which is LOUD!

I thought I took a full length picture but obviously not. This is a pic of my very first Fender guitar. Maybe when I die, this can be burned along with my ashes!

What I didn’t take a picture of is the headstock on the back. The real feature here is the locking pegs. No need to wrap 3 or 4 times. Cut to measure and just tune.

So here it is, after 20 years, it has been updated, cleaned and rewired!

Note the only new hardware, new tail piece and two knobs.

The person who put this stuff together was Eddie from Carlino’s guitars in Medford MA. He had to put a piece of wood where the old bridge used to be. As you remember, you used to have a tremelo in place, that has been removed for a stable bridge. While it’s not necessarily pretty, its functional and does the job quite nicely. The guitar does not go out of tune. Good work from Eddie!

Closer look at the bridge.

Despite the paint job, this guitar plays amazingly well. The sound is great and with the Dimarzio pickups, the neck pickup sounds every bit as good as a standard strat!

And yes, that is Steve Morse’s signature… and of course the Warmoth Turtle!