I never hated Dolly Parton

I have been listening to a fair amount of country music in the last few weeks. Among some of the folks I’ve been listening to are Allison Moorer, Shelby Lynn (who are sisters by the way), Loretta Lynn, and Roseanne Cash. However one person I haven’t listen to as of yet was Dolly Parton. I’m not really sure why I never listened to her music because I know shes released some really good music. I used to work with one of the former djs from The Hillybilly at Harvard, Brian Sinclair, and he turned me on to some of her more traditional music and her bluegrass stuff is really very good. The real reason for this post is because an article in the NY Times today in which she is giving families $1000 for 6 months to the families who lost their homes in the fires of Tennessee. I’ll post a link to the article at the end. Maybe I’m just getting softer in my old age but good for her and for the folks who had someone that cared enough to put up the money. There is no reason for her to have done this, its nice to see. Whether its a PR stunt or not, I choose not to be cynical in this instance. I will start listening to her catalog this weekend and get back to you regarding my favorite albums. NYTIMES ARTICLE HERE.


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