There is a shortage of guitar players

…said absolutely no one! I’ve been on vacation this week and I’ve largely wasted it sleeping my days away and watching youtube. Today I decided to literally dust off the guitar and rather than continue to play the same shitty power chords over and over to the metronome, I’ve moved on. I’ve had Modern Chord Progressions by Ted Greene since the late 80s. I’ve probably worked out of it at least once a decade. After today I should be good until 2020! Well now is the time to start getting more practice in. Knowing I don’t have to learn this guitar by the end of the week, I’ll try and work 15mins a day in. Ted Greene is a master class guitar player. I have not heard much of his playing although just about any jazz guitar player worth his salt almost always brings up Ted Greene, that is how influential he is. I also have Greene’s book Chord Chemistry. The idea is to learn the chord structures and then incorporate them into your playing. What is great is his suggestion to actually listen to the chords and also use your ears, if a chord does not sound right in lower registers, move it to the correct one. I’m actually looking forward to this and we’ll see if I can stretch it out longer than a week!


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