Fist City!

As you delve deeper into music and the various genres, some constants become common and that is strong women in music. Posted above is an interview with Loretta Lynn. I have come to appreciate more traditional country music and I’ve spent the last week listening to her early stuff. Its tough to call what we hear these days as country music, I assure you it is not. I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and I enjoy Loretta’s music. If this is not to your taste, approach the older stuff with an open mind. There are many talented musicians who have played for her. This is a good outlet for Dan Rather who built his career in this format, most remember him from 60 minutes. The show is on cable and may not be everywhere but the channel is AXS tv. This is good if you have no background on the musicians being interviewed. There is an interview with Heart and another with Sammy Hagar. Unfortunately I know both of their stories that nothing was new to me but a newcomer to their music might find this really interesting.


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