Oh Henry! You’ve done it again!

Points for the two references in the title. I’ve been a fan of Henry Rollins the spoken word troll. He’s not really a troll it just sounded funny. As some folks know he has a column for the LA Weekly (like the defunct Boston Phoenix or current Dig Boston for reference). If you have never seen him live, he’s entertaining. I think some part of me has always wanted to be like Rollins in that he has done a lot more through his writing than he did through his music. I remember when he used to write articles for Spin Magazine. Unfortunately Bob Guccione’s son would sexually harrass that magazine to extinction. Too bad because Rollingstone magazine could have used the competition instead of the bloated gas bag it has become. As for Rollins, he had this bad ass tattoo on his back which was of the dark sun and it read “Search and Destroy”. Allegedly he updated the tattoo to read (Re)search and Destroy. I almost committed to getting that exact tattoo, luckily the tattoo parlor I went to was closed and I ultimately remain tattoo free to this day. Henry does his homework and he does come across as an earnest man. Which again I think is part of the appeal. There are times I would like to hear more of his music war stories, his current rants and spoken tours can be just as entertaining. Was there a point to this post? No. Not really, just giving props to a Punk Icon done good. His latest column from the LA Weekly is here – http://www.laweekly.com/music/henry-rollins-trumps-win-has-shredded-the-veil-of-civility-and-maybe-its-about-time-7593045



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