Thinking of starting a music podcast.

I’ve been feeling a little restless. I want to do something but just not sure what. I wanted to start a video project but I lack the proper equipment but I am looking in to DSLRs but that is at least a year out at a minimum. The easiest is actually a podcast for music. We’ll see if this takes shape, I may try to get a few people involved but nothing in place just yet. I may put one together given the time off I have this week. We’ll see. I have been listening to the band Alter Bridge alot lately. I am currently listening to the latest album – The Last Hero. Yeah its got every rock n roll cliche tied to it. However the guitar playing of Mark Tremonti and Myles Kennedy give us some really intricate solos combines with a good balance between power chords and acoustic lines and runs. They have put out a few records but for now the two albums getting a lot of play from me is their second album – Blackbird and the current one. Blackbird is lyrically dark which may be the appeal to me but again, I’m a sucker for really good guitar playing and Tremonti’s solos are simply damn fine guitar playing. I should also mention that Kennedy is no slouch on guitar either. When Alter Bridge was formed, he was brought on as a lead singer and nothing more, however at the time, Tremonti did not realize that Kennedy was also a guitar teacher. Myles started writing songs for their second album which turned out to be Blackbird. Along with the title track Blackbird, Rise Today and Ties that Bind are the hits here. The full album does not have a weak track on it. I’ll post the two below. If you have a subscription to either iTunes, Google store or Amazon Prime, it is better to listen there than to go through youtube. Enjoy!

Rise today



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