If we could only have moore.

I’m not sure how real this video is but the song is solid just the same. I loved Gary Moore before he found the blues. His blues stuff may be even better than his metal stuff but it will always have a place for me. Seeing him live at the Paradise in Boston is one of those memories I’ll never forget.


3-1+1=Alter Bridge

I will leave you with two videos from this band. This stuff gets played every day on WAAF. It’s as rock n roll as it gets. As mentioned this band is made up of the three guys from Creed minus Scott Stapp plus Myles Kennedy. Kennedy has talent and Mark Tremonti is a good compliment for Kennedy. I’ve been listening to the full albums, I’ll post the top one or two later.

Rob Scanlon

Some people hear Ronnie James Dio singing odd songs, Rob plays slayer on the banjo. Actually despite some of what you see here, he actually has some good stuff, this is for the days you choose to go down the youtube rabbit hole.

Cliches and Y&T!!!

If you can get beyond the cliches and questionable arrangements, she has chops. You are correct she has also played with Alice Cooper and apparently tried out for Michael Jackson, most likely as a replacement of Jennifer Batten. It almost has the unmistakable stench of a nashville producer but I cannot confirm that, I can only spread a rumor. There is a scene where she is at the beach, I was waiting for the guys from Y&T to jump out and sing Summertime Girls! Ok, I’m posting it below. The goal here is to see if you can reach into the internet and punch me in the face. Anyway for your horror/enjoyment

Look, he’s posting! Yes but very sloooooowly!

Ack! The kids, they come! I want to say I’m surprised that the bass player is wearing a “between the buried and me” t-shirt but that would be a lie. The guitar player as you see is Sarah Longfield. I’ve always been curious what some of the more established guitar players think when they see kids playing 8 strings? Do they have a “get off my lawn” moment? Anyway enjoy!