I have ghost and I have everything!

I’ve known about this band for a while but it is only recently that I’ve actually taken time to listen to them. I have to say I was taken aback because their image vs their music doesn’t quite synch up. In this case its not a bad thing, I actually like a good metal band that has pop leanings. From the interviews I’ve read, I like this band even more. The vocals have a very retro sound to them when you hear the songs however the guitars have a full on attack. Ghost BC, is the total package. I love their gimmick, I love their sounds and I like their attitude. The anonymous appeal also gives them that “Kiss” gimmick, lets hope they don’t go through the “Unmasked” album. Kiss was very hard on the eyes or as one comedian would say, “That boy is strong in the face”! I digress, there is an interview with unnamed ghoul who discusses the bands equipment – Gibson guitars, to the subject matter of their music. No surprise here its Satan! However its a different kind of view. Its not like Slayer or Venom. Hell does not wait for you here. Yes, they may be in league with Satan but the approach Ghost takes is more of a theological view. Whether its about the absence of a god or whether or not our fate is that of lice, I like everything about this band. Below is one of their songs Ritual. This one is fronted by Papa Emeritus II in a Walter White mask. Reminder – They’re in Boston in September. See you at the show!