Do you Sonic?

So the David Grohl will be doing a second season of Sonic Highways. The first season was very uneven but entertaining just the same. The high points? Chicago, Washington DC and Nashville. I’m not going to bother with the low points. I have a new found respect for Steve Albini after watching the Chicago episode. Steve is in music, for the music. Its amazing the sacrifice this man has made just to keep his studio up and running. Washington DC because Grohl was very much a part of the punk scene when it hit DC. Lastly, Nashville because we began to “get” the seamy side of the music industry. While most of us were already familiar with the making of the musical “sausage”, it was just a validation of what we thought all along. I am surprised that Boston was not among the cities of the first season. In fact I would have rather had them include Boston and maybe redo cities such as L.A. and New Orleans. New Orleans was clearly out of Grohl’s musical comfort zone so I give him credit for at least attempting to understand the jazz scene there, however it could have been done much better. I think in the past year, I have been over exposed by Grohl. He seems earnest in what he is doing but maybe I’m looking for someone else to pick up the musical torch and run with it. We’ll see how the second season compares to the first.


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