Over and out!

The show is officially over. I am moving on from WMFO. Is it really the end? No, just for now. I will not commit to anything in the future, its just where I am right now. I have three computer certs that I am pursuing so time is something I do not have much of right now. Waking up at 5:30am on a Saturday morning is something I already do but its two hours better spent attending to my obligations. It was fun, now we move on. I will be changing the name of this blog. I cannot keep it on wmforegular show. Thanks for listening and we’ll see you on the runny slide!


I’m going through changes!

Future Past & Present signpost in the sky

Future Past & Present signpost in the sky

I’ve been thinking about this for quite sometime and I think its time to move on from my radio show. My job has taken up a lot of my free time and that will not change this Summer. In fact, this will be by far the busiest Summer ever. So with that being said, the name of this blog will be changing as well, because there will be no more wmfo regular show. I will still keep this music blog up and running because my love of music never goes away. That being said there may be big news to report soon. For the time being I will just post as I have time. Hopefully you won’t have to wait a full month for new posts but at this point I can’t promise anything. I want to thank the people who’ve listed to my show and we’ll see what happens at this Summer progresses.

Heh, where did the time go?

I’ve been mulling over the future of the Regular show and I think I may retire the radio show at the end of the summer. Yeah it was a lot of fun but I have some big changes to deal with in the next few months and its most likely going to prevent me from running my show. As you can see I haven’t posted in over a month and I’m not a fan of stale pages and I’m sure neither are you. I will keep this site alive though, I have music stuff I can always post when time permits. For now this is where I am. We have no show on Saturday due to the building power outage. You’ll have to join me when we have our next show which will be June 6th, which by the way is National Slayer Day! We’ll be playing Slayer for the entire two hours. So if you want, come join us!