Happy Anniversary!

Yeah, its been a bit. Work has been really busy and I haven’t had too much time to dedicate to music. In fact I haven’t had a moment to really listen to any, I mean ANY music. Ah, it happens, lets see what the next couple of weeks bring. The show for April 4th was dedicated to my wife. It was our anniversary on April 1st. We’ve been together for 15 years and each year just gets better. I’m pretty sure a lot of people cannot say the same. Anyway the music list for the show is below:

Bread “I want to make it with you”
Stevie Wonder “Isn’t she lovely”
Orleans “Still the One”
Tracy Bonham “The one”
Neil Young “Someday”
White Stripes “We’re gonna be friends”
America “Ventura Highway”
The Allman Brothers Band “One Way Out”
Blood Sweat and Tears “You’ve made me so very happy”
Led Zeppelin “No quarter”
Sheryl Crow “home”
The Beatles “Blue Jay way”
Various “The Ozark Mountain Daredevils – Jackie Blue”
Filter “Take My Picture”
Van Halen “Little Guitars”
Pete Townsend “The Sea Refuses No River”
The Rolling Stones “Waiting on a Friend”
Joan Armatrading “always”
Stone Temple Pilots “Sour Girl”
Hole “malibu”
Foghat “Fool For The City”
Eric Johnson “Desert Song”
Roxy Music “all I Want Is You”
R.E.M. “Ignoreland”
K. D. Lang “Constant Craving”


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