Yeah every once in a while and other music notes.

So I was watching That Metal Show and one of the guests was Michael Batio. For years he was my go to whipping boy only because seeing him play the guitar with his atonal solos at a high rate of speed was not interesting to me. I wrote him off as a douchebag. However I reserve the right to change my mind at least about the person. He is an earnest guy who happens to be grateful for where he is in the music world today. I can’t say I will be listening to his music anytime soon but I will ease off of running him down.

On to other things. I am usually surprised when I find people who hit up my blog. One of them was Daily Rock Report. If you haven’t seen this site, you should check it out. He’s been busy, almost every day there is a new interview on the site. One interesting note, there was an interview with former Soulfly bassist – Bobby Burns. The interview is here. It is a very interesting read. Including my own personal experience with Gloria Cavalera. I used to have a metal show on access tv about 10 years ago. The fine folks at Roadrunner records set me up with an interview with what I thought would be Max but ended up being both Bobby and Mark Rizzo. Fine by me, infact I was more interested in talking to Rizzo because the man could shred and I loved the opportunity to talk shop with him. Bobby was also pretty cool, these guys were professionals and were just as excited to be speaking in front of a camera. Anyway, after I wrapped up the interview, I moved on to the guys in Bloodsimple. So after finishing my rounds of taping, I asked to take photos of the bands live. I got the ok from both the folks in Bloodsimple and Soulfly. The show is about to begin and I was stopped by security and was told I could not shoot photos. Not a big deal but then they tried to take my camera and I was eventually thrown out of the show. Apparently the order came from Gloria. What’s worse she never told me why she changed her mind, I was just out of the show. Soulfly is on my do not disturb list. They may make great music but I don’t plan on ever listening to it. If Rizzo puts out another solo, I’m on board. I’m looking forward to Bobby’s new project and I hope it surpasses anything Soulfly does. Fuck Soulfly.

Lastly, you may have noticed there hasn’t been a show in the last two weeks. Tufts is re-doing the electrical wiring at Curtis Hall so the station has been closed down the last two Saturdays. Look for us next week. For the moment I think I’ll do a show on guitar gods.


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