Actually this is the second annual trip. Never have I been so tempted to take a cruise. After all, I have no reason to wade in my own feces or eat food that gives me salmonella. No wait that Princess Cruises! Slayer is headlining this show this year and this is a pretty heavy lineup. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger heavier show on the seas! Tickets go on sale in 5 more days! I’ve seen Motorhead over 13 times and I have a feeling that if you’ve never seen them before you really should. Lemmy isn’t getting any younger and despite news reports he is 69 years old this year and he’s a hard living man. That eventually comes with a price. Anyway another band on this bill worth watching is Exodus. Gary Holt is really burning the candle on both ends. Remember he is also filling in for Jeff Hunneman who passed away a few years back. So he gets to play with Slayer in the headlining then Exodus as support. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. This trip sounds like a lot of fun and maybe, maybe one day I’ll do it.



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