That Metal Show

This show is now in its 14th season and this may be its best one yet. I’ve been a casual fan of that metal show because quite frankly its the only outlet that isn’t over bearing and can be entertaining. This season kicked things off with guest Geddy Lee from Rush, then it was followed up with the guys from Anthrax, the Ted Nugent. Its been a great line up. The only thing missing is making the show a little longer. The interview sessions in particular because they have people that you could spend hours talking to and yet they might have 15 mins on a good day. Eddie Trunk is the driving force behind the show and while he is a good metal historian, he at times can be insufferable. The co hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson can be a good balance but sometimes the show gets a little top heavy with Trunk. That Metal show tries to mix things up during the show by trying different things. One year they did an “origins” segment where they would focus on one person and they would say how metal got into their lives, etc. Sometimes they would have a “Top Five” albums, songs, bands, you get the idea. All in all, I like the format and I like the show. One odd thing, I have the VH1 app on my tablet and I can see all the shows I want. This is not available on demand, at least through Verizon FIOS. That’s kind of weird but take it for what it is.


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