Second verse, same as the first!

It became apparent on Friday night that my “all womens” show would not happen on Saturday. I was hoping the music I wanted to play would be in the station’s library so I could balance the 10 I had with a combination of station archives and youtube. The station apparently had less than I did. I’m not sure if that is good or bad, however I think on the next volunteer music day, I’m bringing in what I feel are essential cds the station should have. This way we can add to an already somewhat formidable library. Yesterday’s show was playing to my strength and that of course is metal. Musically the show was one of my strongest yet. While I would love to keep going this course, its not a format I want to keep doing on a regular basis. Some other ideas for future shows include a full playing of a cd from my Collectors Series that I review on the main WMFO page. Along with of course a little background on the band and if I’m lucky some recorded interviews about the making of that record. We’ll see how that plays out. Here is the song list from yesterday. Enjoy!

Slim Jim and the Mad Cows “Run to the Hills”
Iron Maiden “number of the Beast”
Motorhead “Iron fist”
Slayer “Dead Skin Mask”
Graveworm “Hateful Design”
Metal Church “Watch the Children Pray”
Arch Enemy “War Eternal”
Venom “Antechrist”
God Dethroned “Rusty Nails”
Death Angel “The Dream Calls for Blood”
Pantera “You’ve Got to Belong to It”
Lamb of God “In Your Words”
Opeth “Atonement”
Amorphis “alone”
High on Fire “Brother In the Wind”
Anthrax “Neon Knights”
Black Sabbath “Heaven and Hell”
Judas Priest “night crawler”
Enslaved “Ruun”
Behemoth “Conquer All”
Carcass “Unfit for Human Consumption”
Candlemas “Black Dwarf”


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