How old are you again?

The answer, of course, old enough to know! I have a few guitars that have been gathering dust over the last 6 years. I mean that literally. I have not picked up a guitar in a very long time. I vowed to change that this year. I gave up my Joe Pass Emperor to help out a friend. I took out my Epiphone SG and my Washburn acoustic. The SG is the perfect practice guitar, its good for any style music you want to play. I also use an Orange amp Crush 12L practice amp. What makes it a practice amp? Low output. Don’t get me wrong its really loud and versatile. Its good for small clubs but anything larger, you will be drowned out by other louder instruments. For now its what gets me through the day. What does Guitar World have to do with anything? They’re my go to mag for songs written in tablature and for the instructional columns in the back. I haven’t had a subscription to this magazine in over 20 years but now that I’m at least practicing again, I figured why not? Now granted not much has really changed in that time except instead of the regular Randy Rhodes tribute (and that still exists amazingly enough) now its Dimebag Darrell from Pantera. The guitarist who was gunned down 10 years ago on stage. It was a tragic story but I can’t say that this tragedy garners this kind of attention. Either way, its not my call. So I’m three magazines in at this point and the highlights are as expected. The highs are the Jimmy Brown columns on music theory. Dave Davidson’s Thrash Course is also informative for those who still want to play aggressive metal. Lastly the alternating “guest column”, one week it was John Patrucci from Dream Theater, who I am a huge fan of. To Andy Aledort who has been around forever, his columns are still very relevant. You won’t find a better magazine out there for all levels of guitar players.


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