Guitar gods?

I really didn’t want to call my show that, so I didn’t. It was just a solid show. It took a little while but the shows are finally coming around. I toy with themes every once in a while but until I actually do my homework, these will remain “Freeform” for the time being. I’ve toyed with going back to a strictly metal show but there is so much music out there for me to keep it on one theme. This is also why I reserve the right to play a metal format when I feel like it. Upon closer inspection of the playlist you may have noticed my 6 degrees of separation. I kicked off a round of music with Devin Townsend, who sang for Steve Vai, who in turn worked with G3 with Eric Johnson and Joe Satriani. Satriani played with Chickenfoot which had Sammy Hagar who of course fronted Van Halen. I should have played something from the Sammy Years but I did not think of this ahead of time. It was a collection of cds I just happen to have with me. I wanted to make time for Yngwie but just ran out of time. Maybe next time I will focus on Metal guitar gods!

WMFO Regular Show (Rock) with Piggy 03/28/2015 06:00AM to 08:00AM

The Kinks “Tired of Waiting for You”
The Yardbirds “for your Love”
Eric Clapton “Bad love”
The Who “Love Reign over Me”
Jeff Beck “Freeway Jam”
Steve Morse Band “Vista Grande”
Living Colour “Crosstown traffic”
Dream Theater “Pull Me Under”
Devin Townsend “Hyperdrive”
Steve Vai “Blood and the tears”
G3 “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mama”
Eric Johnson “High Landrons”
Joe Satriani “lights of Heaven”
Chickenfoot “Sexy Little Thing”
Van Halen “Loss of control”
UFO “Lights Out”
Tosin Abasi “Song of Solomon”
Yes “It Can Happen”
Paul Gilbert “Cut,Cut,Cut”
Gary Moore “Empty Rooms”
Paul Gilbert “Six Billion People”
Adrian Legg “Norah Handley’s Waltz”
Guthrie Govan “Wonderful Slippery Thing”
Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble “Willie the Wimp”


Good News!

As Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth would say! I found out that a box set of the “Decline and Fall of Western Civilization”! Its amazing, what started out as a film sponsored by religious groups to warn the youth of the “dangers” of punk music has become a huge cult classic. If you were ever interested in seeing a really young Pat Smear, this is that opportunity. You can also see D.J. Bonebreaks “bedrooom” within a closet. The movie was then followed up with Decline and Fall of Western Civilization the Metal Years. For those who saw the mini series from HBO’s Sonic Highways and were disappointed by their coverage of the Los Angeles music scene. Decline, the Metal Years, more than made up for it. The focus was on the real sleazy L.A. music scene. If you’re a fan of metal, this was must see tv. I had no idea there was a third movie to this set. I’ll have to wait to see how much this goes for when it hits the store June 30th! This is certainly a good excuse to hunt these films down either from your local library or your favorite site you watch movies from. Check it out! It will be the most fun you are legally allowed to have!

So, if six strings are good, eight must be fucking awesome!!!!

One of the reasons why I subscribed to Guitar World this year was because I wanted to see who the up and coming guitarists are. The latest issue of Guitar World features two new guitarists and a familiar one. The man above is Tosin Abasi who is a monster on guitar! Granted I am a little hesitant when it comes to more than just six strings on a guitar. To me, its just another gimmick. The first time I saw a seven string it was on Steve Vai’s GEM Guitars through Ibanez. Did it make a real difference in his playing? Not really. However with eight strings, now you open yourself to more open chord voicings. I really wish I had the time to invest in playing these instruments. I barely have time for a six string never mind eight. What about the chapman stick? Forget it! Anyway, Tosin’s band is called Animals as Leaders, very prog rock. Don’t let this deter you if you have an aversion to such music, it has a broad definition. It can be entertaining without being wanky. That being said, take some time to expand your mind and enjoy!

Yeah every once in a while and other music notes.

So I was watching That Metal Show and one of the guests was Michael Batio. For years he was my go to whipping boy only because seeing him play the guitar with his atonal solos at a high rate of speed was not interesting to me. I wrote him off as a douchebag. However I reserve the right to change my mind at least about the person. He is an earnest guy who happens to be grateful for where he is in the music world today. I can’t say I will be listening to his music anytime soon but I will ease off of running him down.

On to other things. I am usually surprised when I find people who hit up my blog. One of them was Daily Rock Report. If you haven’t seen this site, you should check it out. He’s been busy, almost every day there is a new interview on the site. One interesting note, there was an interview with former Soulfly bassist – Bobby Burns. The interview is here. It is a very interesting read. Including my own personal experience with Gloria Cavalera. I used to have a metal show on access tv about 10 years ago. The fine folks at Roadrunner records set me up with an interview with what I thought would be Max but ended up being both Bobby and Mark Rizzo. Fine by me, infact I was more interested in talking to Rizzo because the man could shred and I loved the opportunity to talk shop with him. Bobby was also pretty cool, these guys were professionals and were just as excited to be speaking in front of a camera. Anyway, after I wrapped up the interview, I moved on to the guys in Bloodsimple. So after finishing my rounds of taping, I asked to take photos of the bands live. I got the ok from both the folks in Bloodsimple and Soulfly. The show is about to begin and I was stopped by security and was told I could not shoot photos. Not a big deal but then they tried to take my camera and I was eventually thrown out of the show. Apparently the order came from Gloria. What’s worse she never told me why she changed her mind, I was just out of the show. Soulfly is on my do not disturb list. They may make great music but I don’t plan on ever listening to it. If Rizzo puts out another solo, I’m on board. I’m looking forward to Bobby’s new project and I hope it surpasses anything Soulfly does. Fuck Soulfly.

Lastly, you may have noticed there hasn’t been a show in the last two weeks. Tufts is re-doing the electrical wiring at Curtis Hall so the station has been closed down the last two Saturdays. Look for us next week. For the moment I think I’ll do a show on guitar gods.


Actually this is the second annual trip. Never have I been so tempted to take a cruise. After all, I have no reason to wade in my own feces or eat food that gives me salmonella. No wait that Princess Cruises! Slayer is headlining this show this year and this is a pretty heavy lineup. You would be hard pressed to find a bigger heavier show on the seas! Tickets go on sale in 5 more days! I’ve seen Motorhead over 13 times and I have a feeling that if you’ve never seen them before you really should. Lemmy isn’t getting any younger and despite news reports he is 69 years old this year and he’s a hard living man. That eventually comes with a price. Anyway another band on this bill worth watching is Exodus. Gary Holt is really burning the candle on both ends. Remember he is also filling in for Jeff Hunneman who passed away a few years back. So he gets to play with Slayer in the headlining then Exodus as support. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. This trip sounds like a lot of fun and maybe, maybe one day I’ll do it.


That Metal Show

This show is now in its 14th season and this may be its best one yet. I’ve been a casual fan of that metal show because quite frankly its the only outlet that isn’t over bearing and can be entertaining. This season kicked things off with guest Geddy Lee from Rush, then it was followed up with the guys from Anthrax, the Ted Nugent. Its been a great line up. The only thing missing is making the show a little longer. The interview sessions in particular because they have people that you could spend hours talking to and yet they might have 15 mins on a good day. Eddie Trunk is the driving force behind the show and while he is a good metal historian, he at times can be insufferable. The co hosts Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson can be a good balance but sometimes the show gets a little top heavy with Trunk. That Metal show tries to mix things up during the show by trying different things. One year they did an “origins” segment where they would focus on one person and they would say how metal got into their lives, etc. Sometimes they would have a “Top Five” albums, songs, bands, you get the idea. All in all, I like the format and I like the show. One odd thing, I have the VH1 app on my tablet and I can see all the shows I want. This is not available on demand, at least through Verizon FIOS. That’s kind of weird but take it for what it is.