Quiet! riot.

So this documentary showed up on my tv two nights ago and I thought, yeah why not. Its snowing outside and I’m not doing anything worth while tomorrow. The documentary started off well enough, covering the early years and the various members of the band. Of course the one notable person being Randy Rhodes but the focus was on another person that had died and that of course was the singer Kevin Dubrow. What I find interesting is that given the time that had passed, its all about perspective. While I give the film points for trying to say Quiet Riot were the forerunners of the metal scene, I assure you, they were not. This band was most notable for taking two songs that were written almost 10 years earlier by Slade. I dare you to name a song that Quiet Riot did, other than those two songs. For a kid growing up in a small N.H. town that honor went to Def Leppard and their breakout album Pyromania! What gets overlooked is that High n Dry was an even better album but thats for a later review. The documentary soon broke down into a pathetic sob story of Frankie Banali (the drummer and co-founder of quiet riot) claiming that Dubrow’s death was a selfish thing for Kevin to do!!!?? Of course then the film goes on a hunt for the “New” Kevin Dubrow. They find this poor slob from craigslist of all places and as expected its a train wreck. Banali has the nerve to rip into this guy saying that he’s ruining the brand name of quiet riot. Pro Tip, professional bands do not use craigslist to get their next vocalist. Next up was a man who emailed Frankie letting him know that he can easily fill in the spot. For a short time he does but in the end they get the vocalist they deserve and that’s Jizzy Pearl. Most of us remember this failure from LA Gunns and a part timer with Ratt. This doc had run 45mins too long, if the film could have avoided the shitty sob story about Kevin leaving the band too soon so that he could die, I could have been ok with it. I would give this one a pass.


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