In a holding pattern!

Yeah we go through these issues once in a while, card access issues. I couldn’t get into the station today. I’m hoping we can get this issue resolved shortly. There seems to be a disconnect between the station and the card services folks. I’m used to this by now, you just have to wait it out. Anyway, I’m listening to Voivod’s “Angel Rat” right now and will be burning through some Death Angel later tonight. Made a run to Newbury Comics this morning only to find out they had moved. That was a wasted trip. Maybe next weekend. Yeah I know, I could just order what I want through Amazon…I could. There was an article this past week where Dave Grohl is this years ambassador for Record Store day. I have to say I really miss the old music stores. The first one I ever went to was a place in Durham NH called The Wax Ear. It was in someone’s expanded shed but it had everything. My record collection really didn’t take off until I moved to Boston a few years later. When I got to Boston, there were record stores everywhere! Nuggets was the first one I found. It’s just a shell of what it used to be but they are still around. There was also a time when Planet Records used to be in Kenmore Square and they had quite a collection. In fact they are still very much around today and they have a strong collection of mostly cds but they do have a small selection of vinyl. I have a link to the store in the menu section of this website. Planet remains my favorite store to this day. I was hesitant to include Stereo Jacks on Mass ave just before you get to Harvard Square from Porter. They were going to call it quits last year but I guess they’ve changed their minds? I’ll check them out in the coming weeks and let you know what I find. As for Record Store Day, its usually held the third week April. For more info, check them out on their website – RECORD STORE DAY!


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