Grammy? She lives with Grampy

The real quote from Aesop Dekker was “grammy is someone who fucks grampy”. Aesop of course is the drummer for Agalloch. They released The Serpent and the Sphere last May. The album was a good followup from Ashes Against the Grain. I started this entry with a bit about the grammys but in the end the less said the better. None of my favorite bands ever won and they will never sell enough records to win those awards. In the end what use are awards anyway? So all that noise aside, if you have a chance, checkout Aesop’s blog – Cosmic Hearse. I know it hasn’t been updated in a while but the music he posts are completely worth looking into, its not just obscure metal bands, there are some lesser known jazz musicians thrown in there as well. That is really about it, its just a fractured post that was meant to shit all over the grammys and to push another great band Agalloch.


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