No show tomorrow

Due to building maintenance there will be no show tomorrow. However, that being said, I will be covering for Savoir Faire on Sunday afternoon. I forgot to submit my dj agreement so I am sorting that out now. The show is at its regular time next week 6:00AM to 8:00AM. I will be planning on making a cd run most likely tomorrow. The Newbury Comics in Burlington is a great place to grab some reasonably priced cds. I’m looking for Joe Walsh’s “So What” and I’m also looking for some YOB. They signed on to neurot recordings last year so I’m kind of curious to hear their last album. I know they took some time off to figure out where they were going as a band so it was a nice surprise to see them back. I am looking for more metal cds. I am also looking for a copy of the Black Crowes “Before The Frost”. We’ll also have to check out the cutout bin for 2 to 3 dollar cds. Every once in a while you find things there. I think the Burlington store may have the best selection of all the Newbury Comics in the Boston metro area. The stores in Cambridge and Fresh Pond tend to be priced higher, most likely due to the rents in those places. Anyway you will know when the time comes.


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