Fuck the Van Halens

There was a time I was a really huge fan of Van Halen but over the year, much like the man himself, Van Halen has degraded to an old tired act. I can’t believe they’re ready to release another steaming turd of an album. I read Sammy Hagar’s self serving book titled “Red” about his life and times and his stint with Van Halen. Love him or hate him, I’m convinced that had it not been for Sammy, the band would have ended with the album 1984. Why? When Sammy left the band, Gary Cherone took over the vocals. What a total disaster, Van Halen III was an unlistenable album but not because of Gary. I like Cherone but he was the wrong fit for that band. No the real problem was that Eddie Van Halen hasn’t written a new song in years. When they released the cow pie titled “Tattoo” with an aging, atonal David Lee Roth people were excited. My former cohost, Joe Roberts made a comment that the album sounded an awful lot like the first album. The sad fact, he was right. According to Mike Anthony, in a Rolling Stone article, was asked about Tattoo. Anthony claimed a lot of those songs were written for the second Van Halen album. I write all of this because Van Halen is about to release a live album with David Lee and it will be live at the Tokyo bowladrome. Ok maybe not the bowladrome but it might as well be, because they won’t be able to fill a bowling alley after fans get a chance to listen to David Lee’s cracking vocals on this album. I really hate to see an animal suffer but if Van Halen were a horse, I would have to shoot it. There is nothing that could make me want to like this band and there are times when you should just simply let something go. Will I play their music? Yeah I’m sure I will but I will not play anything beyond the Sammy Hagar era.


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