Coming out of retirement? Maybe.

So, I was trolling various club websites and I found out that Enslaved will be playing at the Sinclair in Harvard Square. Sweet! Tickets are only $20 in advance. Will I check it out? 90% says no. I found out that YOB is playing the undercard. Will I check it out? 60% no. Why? I stopped going to shows five years ago. I stopped going because a lot of the hardcore metal shows were starting to take a toll on my hearing. I’ve listened to really loud bands for well over 30 years. That being said there is a real attraction to seeing this show. It’s close to home. It’s cheap. I like the two bands a lot. The show is on March 24th. I loved the last Enslaved album “Ruun”. It was a solid album with the title song being the best. For those who do not know Enslaved, they are a progressive death metal band. There are times I think they could get away from the dry scratchy vocals and just sing the songs. Its good enough to get away with. While they may not be in the same league as Opeth, Enslaved has forged their own niche. I think for the price, if you have nothing to do and you’re looking to leave your house on a cold Tuesday evening in one of the colder months in New England, head on over to the Sinclair. You won’t regret this show. I’ve posted the video from their earlier effort “Below the Northern Lights”. This song is called “The Dead Stare”. Enjoy!


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