Well this sucks… Bob Wilson Bruin Sportscaster RIP

Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with music but it has everything to do with radio. When I first moved to Boston back in 1986 I wanted to break into sports broadcasting. That would be derailed by the fact that I was not a junior in a local college so “NO INTERSHIP FOR YOU!!” So bottom line I ended up getting a writing gig with The Hockey News and I landed the sweet job of covering the Boston Bruins. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting a lot of nice people and Bob Wilson was one of them. He was a professional through and through. He was the polar opposite of Johnny Most (Boston Celtic announcer). Both were good in what they did. Wilson because he gave you a great even handed game. No bombast, no shouting, he was Joe Friday. Just the facts. I preferred putting the tv on and catching the Bruins but turning down the volume and putting Wilson on the radio. Don’t get me wrong there I love to be entertained by folks like Jack Edwards but that kind of act gets old quickly, that’s not to say there wasn’t any emotion from Wilson. Infact quite the opposite. He had a quiet intensity if that makes any sense. I felt the day he went off the air in 1995 Boston radio lost a legend. I hate to use that overused word but for Bob it applied. He was an inspiration to me. Below is a column by another person I was happy to have met while covering the Bruins – Joe Fitzgerald.

Joe Fitzgerald’s Column on Bob Wilson


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