Who is more rock? Memphis Minnie or Axl Rose?

So this weekend I will be playing the blues! So, with that being said, who is more rock n roll? Axl Rose or Memphis Minnie? That’s easy – Memphis Minnie! Why? Don’t let the picture above fool you, she is the real song writer who penned “When the Levee Breaks”, yeah the same one that Led Zeppelin made famous. Better yet, she has been married many times over and one time while playing a gig, between sets, she saw her then husband talking to another woman. Minnie went up to the stage, got her guitar and smashed it over his head! That is fucking bad ass! Axl just got fat, nobody cares who he is anymore. I’ve got a short list of people I will be playing and reviewing in the upcoming week. One of them will definitely be Lonnie Mack. His studio albums are nothing to write home about, however his live stuff is just simply great! I’ll be playing Satisfy Susie off of his live album. Another notable artist will be Albert King, some of his albums are solid but again the live performance is really strong.


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