Oh Henry!

I’m curious how many readers know what the real reference to O Henry really is? Doesn’t matter, that isn’t what this is about. What does matter is I just found that Henry Rollins has a regular column in the LA Weekly newspaper! Link is below. I’ve loved Rollins more of a spoken word kinda guy rather than his stints with Black Flag and of course his own Rollins Band. That doesn’t mean I don’t like his music, in fact I’m a big fan but over the years I’ve really enjoyed the books he’s written and I did have the pleasure of catching him at the Berklee Performance center many years ago. He was so entertaining that I did not realize that he spoke for three hours straight! Clearly, I got my moneys worth. He is clearly a bright man and he researches his subjects thoroughly. While I may not entirely agree with everything he says he does challenge me to come up with a valid reason to disagree with him. Again, not about me. I remember the first time I read anything of his, it was an editorial on the last page of Spin Magazine, this was back in the early 90’s. It was a funny piece about tracking down “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen, in fact I should try and hunt that article down. From there Rollins started his own publishing company – 2.13.61 which of course is his birthday. I’ve read several books of his including the book Planet Joe which was written by his friend Joe Cole, the very man who was shot to death when Rollin’s place was robbed. I was skeptical when the Rollins popularity train was leaving the station full of steam. He started showing up in movies, TV and anywhere else that would have him as a guest. I was ready to dislike him, but he has survived well and he is an earnest/honest man. His popularity has not made him a bloated ass and I think his popularity grows stronger every year. With all of that, if you have never seen him live check him out. You will not be disappointed!

Henry Rollins for the LA Weekly

In particular, my latest rants on the music scene was summed up nicely in this article he wrote a couple of weeks ago – Henry Rollins: Musical Elitism Is For Lightweights


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