Presenting – DJ, Fail!

The show musically was actually a lot of fun, but then dj-ing happened. The third cd player shit the bed and I tried a couple of times to get it to work but no go. My segues are usually my strongest suit as a dj but not today. The songs came in either too strong or too soon. My last fail of the day was the phone. Someone tried calling the station twice and each time I most likely hung up on them. I wasn’t getting anything through the head phones. We’ll have to try this again next week, so my apologies to the person trying to call. I’ll be posting a new email address later today. I went back to the late 80’s today and like I said, it was a lot of fun. I went a little heavy on Megadeth but that wasn’t too bad. Next week I will be playing electric blues, not to be confused with acoustic blues. Here is the list from this morning.

Agalloch “Not Unlike the Waves”
Metallica “Four Horsemen”
Slayer “South of Heaven”
Anthrax “I am the Law”
Megadeth “Peace Sells”
Megadeth “Darkest Hour”
Megadeth “Countdown to Extinction”
Iron Maiden “Number of the Beast”
Judas Priest “Electric Eye”
Saxon “Heavy Metal Thunder”
Motorhead “Killed by Death”
Michael Schenker “Lights Out (Live Version)”
Dokken “Mr. Scary”
Yngwie J Malmsteen “I’ll See the Light Tonight”
Tony MacAlpine “Keys to the City”
RacerX “King of the Monsters”
Black Sabbath “Mob Rules”
Killswitch Engage “Holy diver”
Exodus “Brain Dead”
Gary Moore “Shapes of Things”
Testament “Greenhouse Effect”
Ozzy Osbourne “Fool Like You”
Ratt “I’m insane”
Pantera “Walk”


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