Miss a little, miss a lot!

Veruca Salt 03
Seems like 2009 was a year when music stopped for some. I ended my five year run at WMFO and apparently for Veruca Salt, three of the four members called it quits! 2014 was like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. I came back to WMFO and Veruca Salt reformed with their original members! I loved the first two albums, American Thighs and Eight Arms to Hold you. In fact eight arms had my song favorite on it called “Volcano Girls”. I loved their aggressive guitar attack and the dual vocals of Post and Gordon complemented each other very well. Their harmonies were spot on, they simply made great rock music. Their latest effort MMXIV was of course released on Record Store Day 2014 on vinyl of course! It was a three song ep but its clear the song “It’s Holy” shows they haven’t lost a step in either their sonic attack or their knack of crafting a pop hit song. Like fine wine both Gordon and Post are in their late 40’s and they are just as hot today as they were 10 years ago and their music is solid! Let’s hope we can get a full album out of them in the upcoming year. Below is their latest song, “It’s Holy” Enjoy!


Smell the magic!!

Two days ago I signed up for the L7 mailing list and yesterday I got a link to download their album (legally!) and a promo pic! Today I got an email saying plans for a tour are now officially in place!!! There are only two European dates listed BUT tomorrow additional dates are going to be added. BUT WAIT! There’s more! A kickstart program was just started to raise money for their documentary – L7: Pretend We’re Dead Of course you can check this out for yourself by going to their site.

Official L7 Website

Join the army – The L7 army!

Or you could pretend to be dead – your call! I was searching through some videos on youtube the other day looking for Nina Gordon’s (Veruca Salt) cover of NWA’s Straight Outta Compton.

Anyway, looking to the right side for additional videos I came across L7. I was a fan of their music but over the years they kinda fell off the radar and it makes sense because they went into their hiatus 14 years ago. The first song I ever heard from them was “Pretend That We’re Dead”. I was hooked. I bought their 3rd album Bricks are Heavy and then followed that by buying Hungry for Stink and Smell the Magic! I can’t speak to their first album or the last two, I haven’t heard them or at least I don’t remember if I had. Something I will need to do now. I am excited that they will be touring, we’ll see if this turns into anything. I will be reviewing those albums in upcoming posts so be sure to check in.

That was then, this is now. Apparently there has been a groundswell of activity calling for the band to do another tour. L7 have spoken among themselves and have decided, Yes! They would like to tour, however they are going to need a lot of people to help spread the word. Where do you fit in? Join their mailing list and help spread the word. If you’ve never heard them before you can also listen to their stuff which is streamed off of their website. They are a fun, energetic band and if they pull off a tour, you can thank me later!


Well this sucks… Bob Wilson Bruin Sportscaster RIP

Yes, I know, this has nothing to do with music but it has everything to do with radio. When I first moved to Boston back in 1986 I wanted to break into sports broadcasting. That would be derailed by the fact that I was not a junior in a local college so “NO INTERSHIP FOR YOU!!” So bottom line I ended up getting a writing gig with The Hockey News and I landed the sweet job of covering the Boston Bruins. I’ve had the good fortune of meeting a lot of nice people and Bob Wilson was one of them. He was a professional through and through. He was the polar opposite of Johnny Most (Boston Celtic announcer). Both were good in what they did. Wilson because he gave you a great even handed game. No bombast, no shouting, he was Joe Friday. Just the facts. I preferred putting the tv on and catching the Bruins but turning down the volume and putting Wilson on the radio. Don’t get me wrong there I love to be entertained by folks like Jack Edwards but that kind of act gets old quickly, that’s not to say there wasn’t any emotion from Wilson. Infact quite the opposite. He had a quiet intensity if that makes any sense. I felt the day he went off the air in 1995 Boston radio lost a legend. I hate to use that overused word but for Bob it applied. He was an inspiration to me. Below is a column by another person I was happy to have met while covering the Bruins – Joe Fitzgerald.

Joe Fitzgerald’s Column on Bob Wilson

Sonic Highways LA or What Dave Grohl missed!

So, one of the reasons I really hated mTv is because they have all this great footage of music that will never see the light of day or when it does, its usually shown at an ungodly hour of the day. I could go on hating their business model but you can’t argue against business success. Anyway, one of the knocks against the tremendous series on HBO, “Sonic Highways” was that it lacked the sleaziness of the LA music scene. The short video above fills in all the gaps that Sonic missed. So, open the large screen sit back and let the show begin. Maybe later on I’ll have an 80’s metal show. As for other news, it looks like Eddie Trunk and friends will be back with another year of That Metal Show!

It was just that. A regular show!

I couldn’t classify this mornings show as “Punk” and it certainly couldn’t be new wave so it was just a regular show! I was doing ok until right up to the point where I should have played Blondie’s “Atomic”, instead it ended up being the B-52’s “Rock Lobster”, it was like going from 4th gear to 1st. A show should have a natural flow and as you can see from the list, the music was peaking with the Dead Kennedy’s and Blondie would have been a way back down to lighter music. It would have been much better to segue from Atomic and then Rock Lobster. As one of my favorite journalists Linda Ellerbee always said “and so it goes”. I think that should do it with themed shows for a while.

Television “Marquee Moon”
Devo “Beautiful World”
Public Image Ltd. “Public Image”
The Stooges “TV Eye”
Fear “New Yorks all right if you like saxaphones”
Sonic Youth “Starpower”
The Damned “In Dulce Decorum”
The Clash “London Calling”
The Jam “Life from a window”
The Members “The Sound of the Suburbs”
The Ramones “Do ya wanna dance”
The Dead Kennedys “Let’s Lynch the Landlord”
The B-52’s “Rock Lobster”
The Talking Heads “Memories”
Lena Lovich “Lucky Number”
Mission Of Burma “Trem Two”
Siouxsie and The Banshees “Dear Prudence”
Blondie “Atomic”
The Pretenders “The Wait”
The Stranglers “Strange Little Girl”
Gary Numan “Cars”
The Police “Its alright for you”
R.E.M. “Radio Free Europe”
Buzzcocks “Ever Fallen In Love”
The Ramones “I’m Affected”
Sex Pistols “Pretty Vacant”
B-52 “Private Idaho”