Judgement day!

Yesterday we ran our second installment of Judgement day! What that means is that we filled in for another show and during that time we took all the cds from the new releases shelf and played what we could. It was tough because while I was hoping to find some real rock n roll cds there were only two songs that even had a remote chance of falling into that category and one song was ruined when they started using a harmonica. If you’re not Dylan or Neil Young, don’t play it! The show ended up being just another college radio show. As we go through these cds, I promise you, we will find a rock collection of cds. I know they’re out there. Anyway, back to our “regular show” tomorrow. I’m going kinda retro, stay tuned for that!

Playlist below:

Zak Smith “Tombs Don’t Roll Back”
Closer Talker “Burnstick”
May Day Rising “Tattoos”
Brain Dance “I Dreamt I Was Walking On Water”
The Heroes Lie “I Am A Fighter”
Charlie and Jesi “Just Wanna Dance”
Nathan Kress “Lost”
Wet Socks “Sick Boy”
The Left Ready “Long Way to Fall”
Hollands Restless Youth “DEFEAT”
Rebuilder “Keep Me Awake”
The Mighty High and Dry “”Shine””
Bennett Jackson “Broken Hearted Dude”
Drift “Cold Hearts”
Against The Clocks “Always Be”
AMR “Another Love Song”
Ian McGlynn “My Pathetic Heart”
Discovery “Folk Funk”
East of Ely “Easy Friend”
The Gromble “Desole Pt. II”
Silent Mind “Saints And Sinners”
Black Note Graffiti “Write Right”


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