How the hell did I miss this one? – Ian McLagan passes away Dec 3, 2014

I hate being so busy that I miss the passing away of one of the coolest keyboard players in the rock n roll arena – Ian McLagan! Many folks remember him from the Small Faces, some may even remember him as the Rolling Stones keyboard player during the late 70s early 80’s. I loved his playing because his parts fit the song and didn’t try to dominate them. He wasn’t what I would call a virtuoso but his playing was too strong that his immense talent always shined brightly. Which brings us to the book he wrote a few years ago – All The Rage.

This book was written almost 15 years ago and it is a great oral history of all the bands he was involved with. There is even a funny story about how he got into a fight with Helen Reddy’s husband. One punch and Reddy’s husband hit the wall and as he slid down the wall, the picture above him, fell down and hit him in the head. Ian is a natural story teller and I highly recommend this book. I know you have the next week off, so go to your library and pick it up OR order it through AMAZON HERE. I may dedicate an hour to his music in an upcoming show.

Here are some articles worth checking out:

Obit from UK Guardian
Obit from the UK Telegraph
Obit from Rollingstone magazine


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