Website, show(s) changing soon!

Has it really been two weeks since my last post? Wow, I guess it’s been busier than I had anticipated. Anyway, the playlist is below so browse at your content. There will be some changes upcoming. I am going to rename the show, I’m not sure what it will be, the leading name is “Regular Show”. However I will also be doing something new when I cover for people over the Christmas break. That show will be called “Judgement Day”. What that means, I will take 10 cds off the shelf and play them. I will decide whether or not it is worth playing again. Yeah I know its pretty arrogant of me to set this up, after all who am I to deem what is good and what is bad? My show, my rules! As for the Saturday show, its pretty apparent that Joe is not going to be coming back so with respect to him, I will be shutting down the rock n roll circus and firing up another show. I am also going to make a new change, the show will only be me. However my son Darrell will be producing the show and that will free me up to just focus on the music which should be great. Look for more posts later this week.

Steve Morse “Vista Grande”
Eric Johnson “Soulful Terrain”
Joe Walsh “Country Fair”
Eric Clapton w/ John Cale “Danger”
Eric Clapton “Bad Love”
Eric Clapton “Let it rain”
Police “Invisible Sun”
Los Lobos “Kiko and the Lavendar Moon”
Beck “Chemtrails”
Beatles “Hey Bulldog”
Stevie Ray Vaughn “Wham”
Allman Bros. “Win Lose or Draw”
The Band “The Night they Drove Dixie Down”
Queen “Inuendo”
Television “Marquee Moon”
Jeff Beck “Freeway Jam”
Blues Saraceno “My Generation”
Neil Young “No More”
Collective Soul “She Said”
Joe Walsh “Happy Ways”
Elliot Easton “Shayla”
Elliot Smith “L.A.”
Bob Mould Sugar “What you wanted it to be”
Van Halen “Hang em high”


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