Sonic Highways – Seattle or We’re the kids of America!

I’m running a little behind on these posts, I’ll try and catch up in the next couple of days. No doubt about it, the last couple of episodes were a little bit of a let down. I felt that there should have been a little more relevant bands or music that was the common thread in the earlier shows like Chicago and Nashville. Not surprising, Grohl admits in a rolling stone article that he was not aware of the scene in New Orleans and it showed. The LA show was also a little bit of a let down, I am always interested in the recording studios but after Rancho de la Luna there is very little substance to this particular episode. There was a lot of promise when Joe Walsh turned up but then it faded quickly. I read an article from LA Weekly that hit the show on the head when it stated that there was no stories of the sleazy LA rock n roll scene. You can read that article here – LA WEEKLY REVIEW OF SONIC HIGHWAYS. So when the latest episode showed up featuring Seattle, this was a nice rebound from the previous two episodes. This series is at its best when Grohl has an actual connection to the city and he clearly had one here! The usual suspects were caught on film, from the still lovely Nancy Wilson to Chris Cornell to the fine folks at Sub Pop records. The recording studio featured in this episode was the Robert Lang Studios. A Seattle landmark and a truly awesome studio. It will be sad when this series ends next week with the NYC episode. I’m hoping this comes back covering some of the other fine cities not filmed, I’m not surprised that Boston was not in this. Just about every studio featured was one that Grohl had recorded in and he had no real connection to the city of Boston. Not a criticism, just a statement. Here’s hoping that this series eventually comes back with different cities. Last item of note, you get to hear Dave record the hit song, we’re the kids of america! A special kind of treat!


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