Do you have the blues?

I never really gave it a thought but I think I may do a blues show this weekend. I’ve been listening to some Johnny Winters and there is some really good stuff here that I would like to play. I think I’ll play what I can but avoid playing anything by b.b.king. Not to disrespect him but I would like to listen to his early stuff before I decide which song I would like to play. I think Albert Collins said it best – “B.B. doesn’t feel the blues anymore”. I was thinking some of the following – Albert King, Albert Collins, Johnny Winters, maybe Robert Cray and some Lonnie Mack. I’m hesitant to play Gary Moore but he’s one of my favorite metal guitar players before he underwent a blues conversion. The former Thin Lizzy guitarist actually had a more lucrative career playing the blues than he did with metal. It will be a game time decision.


2015 – Year of the Bon?

Apparently there will be a documentary about Bon Scott due out in the upcoming year. I’ve always liked Bon and much more than Brian Johnson. The early AC/DC albums should be a staple in your collection. There is an extensive interview will the creators of this film and you can find that here – BON SCOTT BIOPIC Bon certainly lived the rock n roll “lifestyle” and it should be entertaining.

Old Fashion? I don’t know what that is!

I did a show featuring older music today, list is below. A couple of years ago I took a big break from listening to music. I am surprised at how much I’ve forgotten but then again the benefit here is I get to reintroduce myself to this stuff. The end goal here of my show is to play things you usually wouldn’t hear on other radio stations. However, as you can see on the list below, I largely fail. There are some I know haven’t been played but as you can see there are some obvious songs that you do hear. I’m pretty sure when most people paid tribute to Joe Cocker’s passing away, you heard “A Little Help From My Friends”, probably a whole lot more than you cared to. I was looking for the Jimi Hendrix BBC recording of Steppin Stone but was unable to find it at the station. Most of my collection in cd form is not what it used to be when I had cassettes. I am currently rebuilding this collection, however I need to find a better solution than keeping them in jewel cases. My current collection takes up way too much space. More on that down the road.

The Yardbirds “For Your Love”
Small Faces “Ogden’s Nut Gone Flake”
The Guess Who “NO TIME”
Badfinger “BABY BLUE”
Joe Cocker “Hitchcock Railway (Live)”
Jimi Hendrix “Stepping Stone”
John Mayall “LOOKING BACK”
Bread “DIARY”
The Beatles “BLUE JAY WAY”
The Zombies “Time Of The Season”
Argent “Hold Your Head Up”
The Rolling Stones “Lady Jane”
Bob Dylan “Lay Lady Lay”
The Who “Pinball Wizard”
Sweet “Fox On The Run”
Foghat “Fool for the City”
The Kinks “Apeman”
America “Sister Golden Hair”
Steve Miller Band “Living In the U.S.A.”
The Rolling Stones “Emotional Rescue”
Jeff Beck “People Get Ready”
Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks”
The Who “Love Reign O’er Me”

How the hell did I miss this one? – Ian McLagan passes away Dec 3, 2014

I hate being so busy that I miss the passing away of one of the coolest keyboard players in the rock n roll arena – Ian McLagan! Many folks remember him from the Small Faces, some may even remember him as the Rolling Stones keyboard player during the late 70s early 80’s. I loved his playing because his parts fit the song and didn’t try to dominate them. He wasn’t what I would call a virtuoso but his playing was too strong that his immense talent always shined brightly. Which brings us to the book he wrote a few years ago – All The Rage.

This book was written almost 15 years ago and it is a great oral history of all the bands he was involved with. There is even a funny story about how he got into a fight with Helen Reddy’s husband. One punch and Reddy’s husband hit the wall and as he slid down the wall, the picture above him, fell down and hit him in the head. Ian is a natural story teller and I highly recommend this book. I know you have the next week off, so go to your library and pick it up OR order it through AMAZON HERE. I may dedicate an hour to his music in an upcoming show.

Here are some articles worth checking out:

Obit from UK Guardian
Obit from the UK Telegraph
Obit from Rollingstone magazine

Judgement day!

Yesterday we ran our second installment of Judgement day! What that means is that we filled in for another show and during that time we took all the cds from the new releases shelf and played what we could. It was tough because while I was hoping to find some real rock n roll cds there were only two songs that even had a remote chance of falling into that category and one song was ruined when they started using a harmonica. If you’re not Dylan or Neil Young, don’t play it! The show ended up being just another college radio show. As we go through these cds, I promise you, we will find a rock collection of cds. I know they’re out there. Anyway, back to our “regular show” tomorrow. I’m going kinda retro, stay tuned for that!

Playlist below:

Zak Smith “Tombs Don’t Roll Back”
Closer Talker “Burnstick”
May Day Rising “Tattoos”
Brain Dance “I Dreamt I Was Walking On Water”
The Heroes Lie “I Am A Fighter”
Charlie and Jesi “Just Wanna Dance”
Nathan Kress “Lost”
Wet Socks “Sick Boy”
The Left Ready “Long Way to Fall”
Hollands Restless Youth “DEFEAT”
Rebuilder “Keep Me Awake”
The Mighty High and Dry “”Shine””
Bennett Jackson “Broken Hearted Dude”
Drift “Cold Hearts”
Against The Clocks “Always Be”
AMR “Another Love Song”
Ian McGlynn “My Pathetic Heart”
Discovery “Folk Funk”
East of Ely “Easy Friend”
The Gromble “Desole Pt. II”
Silent Mind “Saints And Sinners”
Black Note Graffiti “Write Right”

Special Deluxe – Neil Young, Cars and Dogs but mostly cars.

I saw the interview on Stephen Colbert’s show a few weeks back and I happened to be at the library and saw a copy. I like Neil so I picked it up. The book was o.k. Its just as described in the forward to the book. He originally wanted to name it Cars and Dogs but he felt this would attract the wrong crowd to this book. Eh, whatever. There are snippets of interesting music stories, among them, the first time he saw Randy Backman playing in a local band. Playing in another band with Rick James! His collaboration with Stephen Stills when he first got to Los Angeles, etc. The stories about cars were not so interesting but Young’s passion for cars is evident. He loved to collect and restore classic American cars. There is a larger story which could have actually been the subject of another book and that is the worlds reliance on fossil fuels. The last half of the book is about getting an old car fitted with an electric system and how he went across both the United States and Canda preaching about our reliance on gas and that we need to make a change. There is even a story about the Alberta oil fields which is full of tar sand which is of course some of the worse forms of fossil fuels due to the high carbon output when burned. What is worse is the amount of polluted/poison water that is collected in small or not so small lakes. The immediate dangers to the surrounding wildlife, including huge air cannons that fire randomly to freighten away the wildlife so they don’t drink the water. However, these cannons are not always successful in scaring away animals. There is a story of a bear family trying to cross the lake but dying on the way through because of the highly toxic water. Over all, if you can find his first book, music fans would probably find that book much more interesting to read. If you’re a Neil Young fan, this book is still for you.