A very metal thanksgiving was had by all

Today we filled in for Haley today at the 2pm to 3pm spot. It gave me a volunteer hour which we need in order to keep our show for the future. I need four more hours of volunteer time per semester. Today’s show allowed me to go back to my metal roots. I wanted to make it aggressive straight through but all of my cds are not necessarily “radio safe”, meaning there is some swearing but I’d like to avoid FCC fines when I can. Anyway I managed to figure out how to get songs to play off the computer so that will greatly increase our playlist that much more. I also don’t have to rely on wireless, lastly I don’t have to bring in my laptop anymore. The shows list is below, we’ll be back to our regular show on Saturday.

Behemoth “Sculpting the Throne ov Seth”
Probot “Centuries of Sin”
Slayer “Jesus Saves”
Lamb of God “The Passing/In Your Words”
Metallica “For whom the bell tolls”
Judas Priest “Scream for Vengance”
Megadeth “Tornado of Souls”
Unearth “Sanctity of Brothers”
Chimaira “Salvation”
Ozzy Osbourne “FLYING HIGH”
Anthrax “Strap it on”
Motorhead “Ironfist”


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