Better? Yes and no.


The second show while technically better still needs a little polish. I usually have a list of things to go over on the show and I left that at home. I have a new host on the show, Darrell Harviston, it will take some time to get the chemistry set but that will come with time. Anyway, here is the set list for today’s show. Next week it will be a 70s weekend! I’m not looking for cheesy 70’s stuff, I’m looking for solid rock songs by the usual suspects, with the twist that they are not over played songs. No “Dream on”, “Stairway to Heaven”, etc. I do plan to kick the show off with Joe Walsh’s Country Fair. I have never heard this song played on the radio ever. Anyway, here is the list and we’ll see you folks next week.

Sweet “Ballroom Blitz”
Badfinger “Baby Blue”
The Who “Pinball Wizard”
Rush “Subdivisions”
Dream Theater “Perfect Strangers”
Monster Magnet “Negasonic Teenage Warhead”
Garbage “Stupid Girl”
Republica “READY TO GO!”
REM “Ignoreland”
The Eels “Novacaine for the soul”
Talking Heads “Memories Can’t Wait”
Elliot Smith “Junk Bond Trader”
Roxy Music “Out of the Blue”
Paul Gilbert “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”
AC-DC “Whiskey on the Rocks”
Foo Fighters and Queen “Tie your mother down”
Van Halen “Loss of control”
Deceased “Deathrider”
Steve Winwood/Eric Clapton/Derek Trucks “Can’t find my way home”
G3 “My Guitar Want to Kill Mama”
Anthrax “Neon Knights”
Thin Lizzy “Cold Sweat”
Blues Saraceno “My Generation”


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